Nice to meet you. I’m Cheyenne. 

Just want the headline version? 

I’m an award-winning author, live-aboard sailor, and authentically flawed human. 

Care to delve a touch deeper? 

My IRDA award and BRAG medallion-winning writing blends history with all things dangerous and exciting, creating genre-mash ups such as a historical-psychological thriller (The Prisoner’s Apprentice) and historical sea adventure love stories (my Flying Cloud series in progress). The resulting style has been described by readers as "riveting," "rich and tapestried," and "searing in heartfelt intensity."

Truth being so much stranger than fiction, I find myself drawn to unique and surprising facts that act as launchpads for the novels. For example, the scandalous serial killer haunting the pages of The Prisoner's Apprentice is based on the true story of Edward Rulloff. He was a genius linguist, devoted friend, and practicer of the greatest villainy. Or, the most heroic, messiest, and devoted love of the ages explored in my series-in-process is inspired by the true story of Josiah and Eleanor Creesy—captain and navigator respectively of the legendary Flying Cloud clipper ship.

In life, I also have an inner magnet pulling me toward travel and adventure—although on a less epic and far more scaredy-cat level than my characters. My husband and I are currently planning our second attempt at a circumnavigation by sailboat starting in late 2025, after Covid forced a premature end to our first try. Whatever the fates bring this time around, our floating lifestyle gives me the greatest possible joy. Also, challenge, pain, insecurity, triumph, anxiety, fatigue, uncertainty, and awe. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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